VBC – Virtual Business Centre

The Virtual Business Centre is a collection of communication & business applications which include services like single & bulk faxing module, SMS platform, integrated Fax to Email, Conference Call Facility, Auto Reception Services, Credit Card Processing and Mobile Airtime recharge platform.

All the products in the VBC solution is linked to one pool account making it possible to use your available funds for any of the services. The prepaid “back-end” billing engine, allows for a true “pay-as-you-use” model.

    • Online Solution
    • Send / Receive SMS’s
    • Send / Receive Faxes
    • Auto Receptionist
    • Pay-as-you-use services
    • Credit Card Merchant
    • Conference Call Platform


Featured Apps for the VBC

Conference Call IVR Platform

VBC users can now make multi-party calls by
using the conference call platform. Registered
users can simply log into the VBC porthole,
select the day, time & number of participants
and the system will automatically take care of
the rest.

Automatic Receptions Facility

The VBC ‘Automatic Receptionist (PBX)’ enables your business to enjoy the full functionality of a large switchboard with a range of features including: Answering multiple calls, interactive voice response features, breakout features, ‘follow me’ message facility, and much more.


SMS(short message) Platform

The SMS service enables users to send single or bulk SMS’s to all mobile networks and Telkom SMS subscribers. The SMS system also enables the recipient to send a reply SMS to the sender.

Credit Card Merchant

VBC Credit Card Processing allows the VBC user to process credit cards on the go – using PC, SMS or telephone. Never lose that sale again, use VBC Credit Card Processing.




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