Send & Receive a Fax with Web to Fax

The Web to Fax service enables users to send faxes from their PC’s, Mac’s, Smart Phones and Email Accounts.  NO additional hardware or software is required to use Web to Fax service!

Registration for Web to Fax is FREE.  You will now have ONE fax application that offers you all the fax solutions that are available in the digital fax market in a single package.

Web to Fax – One Fax Solution – One Platform

    • Most Complete fax solution in South Africa,
    • Send faxes from your PC worldwide,
    • Mobile interface to send a fax,
    • Use any email client to send a fax,
    • No hardware, software or line rental costs,
    • Mac and Linux compatible,
    • Send faxes to multiple numbers,
    • Setup available immediately,
    • No busy signals or delays,
    • Cost effective & eco-friendly solution.


No extra hardware, software or configuration is needed to use the Web to Fax service.
Opening a Web to Fax account is Free but air time will be required to send faxes. Once registered simply log into your online Web to Fax account, select the documents you want to fax, put in the destination fax number and hit send – It is as simple as that!


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