Free Fax to Email

Free Fax to Email enables you to receive faxes through a 086 fax number that is linked to your email address.

By simply registering for the Free Fax to Email service you can get your own personal 086 fax number and start receiving faxes today.

Registered Users now also have Free access to our Web to Fax Solution which enables all users to send faxes directly from any desktop. View more

Free Fax to Email for South Africa

    • Free Fax to Email registration,
    • No hardware, software or line rental costs,
    • Receive faxes from multiple platforms,
    • Secure Fax Enabled,
    • Online Admin Portal,
    • Mac & PC compatible,
    • PDF & TIFF Format,
    • Receive national faxes,
    • Works with any Email Client,
    • Cost effective & eco-friendly solution.


How does it work?

The Free Fax to Email solution from MyFax2Mail links a 086 fax number to a user’s email address. When someone sends a fax to the 086 fax number, the fax is rooted to one of three online faxing servers. The server converts the hard copy fax and forwards it to the registered email address as a PDF attachment.

Registered users can easily manage their fax environment with the online admin portal. Once logged in, users can update their profiles, change the registered email address for the 086 fax to email number and store / resend faxes.

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